Welcome to CREATIVES' BOARDS, a creatives’ web platform.

We intend to improve the communication between the SME and all of the best creative professionals that develop graphic contents. By creating an online platform to search mood boards by categories, creative's mood boards compete to fit the client briefing, who will choose the best option. With a collaborative network approach based on design, we hope to increase the success of both the creative professionals and SME through the process. The online platform, is operated and provided by Henrique José Moreira Fernandes de Pinho, Rua Oliveira Monteiro, 807, R/c 4050-446 Porto Nif. 190.188.928. We aspire an ethical, legal-based responsible behaviour while using and disclosing the contents in this platform. If, by any chance, some error is detected in the available content, please contact us by email,

We ask for you to accept this TERMS AND CONDITIONS document before submitting any information or content.

Read carefully the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS document.

The content and services offered by this platform or any associated site, communication services, links or interactive services provided are based on this TERMS AND CONDITIONS document. This TERMS AND CONDITIONS document governs the agreement between the implied parts, superseding any previous document.
IMPORTANT: When completing the registration process, or using the platform you agree with this TERMS AND CONDITIONS document.

Only aged over 18 years minimum, can you register on the platform. By using this platform one assumes is enabled, authorized and capable of accepting all the conditions expressed in this TERMS AND CONDITIONS document.

The CREATIVES' BOARDS can change this document as needed, without performing any kind of communication to its users. All changes will be updated and available on the platform. By using the platform after the changes take place, we assume you agree with them. If, at any time, you disagree with this TERMS AND CONDITIONS document, please do not use this platform.

We are the sole owners of the information collected on this platform. We do not sell, share or rent this information for purposes other than those listed in this TERMS AND CONDITIONS document. To use our platform, it is necessary to provide personal information including name, address, telephone number, email address, personal site address, access to portfolio address and current photograph. Payment of services related data or other information needed to the ordering and providing customer services processes, will also be needed.

5. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICE provides various online services, including but not limited to: CREATIVES' BOARDS generated content, examples of how creative professionals perform mood boards. User generated content, uploaded in the platform, whose ownership and sole responsibility apply exclusively to the authors. Content storing, where every information is gathered in a sole file. We don’t store uploaded original image, video our audio files. All original files are converted and optimized on your profile and then deleted.

The creative professional is the only one responsible for any file, text, software, music, image, photo, graphic, video, message or other material uploaded, distributed or shared by the owner while using the platform, including but not limited to content of e-mails, information, photos or images released by the owner, or in his/her personal profile page. By posting this information, one assumes that he/she is the legal owner and user of the elements loaded on the platform.

The creative professional will grant CREATIVES' BOARDS permission, not entitled to any payment, on the national territory, for the use, reproduction, publication, distribution of content, either in whole or in part, in marketing or advertising activities. The creative professional will be responsible for the copyright or legality of the contents.

The platform and services are available only for information and organizational purposes.
Creative professionals understand and agree:
a. To provide updated and accurate information as requested on the registration form. If any information provided is untrue, CREATIVES' BOARDS reserves the right to reject the contribution of the creative and withdraw the permission to use the platform. It is not our responsibility to verify the accuracy of the provided information.
c. Illegal or unauthorized use of the CREATIVES 'BOARDS platform, including aggregating user information with the purpose of sending communications is prohibited. The full or partial copy of the image of the platform CREATIVES' BOARDS is prohibited. The inappropriate use of the platform may result in the removal of the user from the list of contributors. Legal action may be taken for any misuse of CREATIVES 'BOARDS platform.
d. CREATIVES 'BOARDS platform is not responsible for any submitted material, however CREATIVES' BOARDS is curating all submitted content, reserving the right to refuse publication based on ethical, legal, aesthetic and quality criteria. The CREATIVES 'BOARDS is not responsible for any failure or delay in removing the contributions. You agree to immediately notify CREATIVES' BOARDS platform of any unauthorized use or any service or information leak.

CREATIVES 'BOARDS reserves the right to, at any time or from time to time, modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the service, without notice. The creative agrees that CREATIVES 'BOARDS platform has no obligation to communicate any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the service to the users.

a. This paragraph (10) applies only when using the purchase information service available in the mood boards.
b. CREATIVES' BOARDS bills directly to the service requestor.
c. Payment shall be made in order to authorize the access to information.
d. If the payment is not made, CREATIVES 'BOARDS platform does not provide the service.

a. The creative professional understands and agrees that all information including but not limited to files, text, softwares, music, images, photos, graphics, videos, messages or other material, including contents in sponsoring activities, may be protected by intellectual author.
b. All of the platform contents are owned by CREATIVES' BOARDS and all content generated by the platform are owned by the same. The creative professionals automatically authorize the use of all its contents inserted in the platform.
c. All individual contents are submitted to copyright.
d. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, modify, rent, sell or to exploit, in any other ways, this content providing platform, as a whole or as its parts, unless one is entitled by the platform administration or its partners.
e. No user will be allowed to use of the contents of the platform CREATIVES' BOARDS, when breaking our rights, including copyright and intellectual property that has not been authorized by CREATIVES' BOARDS.

12. YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS Understand and agree that CREATIVES 'BOARDS can keep any contribution or dismiss it, if required by law or in the good faith necessary to: (a) respond to a legal process: (b) apply to this Terms and Conditions document; (c) respond to claims of violation of any copyright or ownership; (d) protect the rights, property or personal safety of CREATIVES' BOARDS, its users or the public.
a. Understand that the technical processing and dissemination of the platform, (a) may involve the use of other platforms; (b) may imply modifications to meet the technical requirements of networks or devices. The CREATIVES' BOARDS assumes no responsibility for the destruction or failure in the mood boards storing process, or other stored information.
b. Any content present in CREATIVES' BOARDS platform can be rearranged, according to defined needs. Understand and agree that all the content that you see, add or share is at your own risk, including any inaccuracies, errors or its use.
c. By using this platform, CREATIVES' BOARDS does not expect or require confidential, secret or property other than the information itself. By submitting or sending information to CREATIVES' BOARDS platform, the information sent will no longer be considered non-confidential or private. By submitting information to the platform, the representative ensures that the same information is unique, and no external entity has entitled legal rights on the material and does not violate paragraph 8 (USER CONDUCT AND CONTENT).

You can connect to other sites via links from CREATIVES' BOARDS platform. The websites accessed through the links are not reviewed, controlled or examined by CREATIVES 'BOARDS, thus in no event shall CREATIVES' BOARDS be responsible for the content, availability, advertising, products or materials present in the contents. These links do not imply any kind of connection between the CREATIVES' BOARDS platform and such entities. It is the creative professionals’ responsibility to understand and comply with this document, regarding to the copyright or ownership rights. In no event shall CREATIVES' BOARDS be responsible, directly or indirectly, for damage caused by links to other sites or to information or material accessed through the same links. Users should direct any complaints about external links to the proper site administration. The CREATIVES' BOARDS reserves the right to add, modify, refuse or remove, without previous notice, any links published in the platform.

14. DEALING WITH ADVERTISERS & SPONSORS Creative professionals’ advertising or promotion contracts provided by CREATIVES' BOARDS platform, including payments for goods or services, shall be solely a creative professionals’ responsibility. Acknowledge and agree that any damages or losses resulting from the agreement between the two parts can't be attributed to CREATIVES' BOARDS.

The use of this platform is allowed only to individuals aged over 18 years. CREATIVES 'BOARDS does not allow the information collecting to minors. Some of the information contained in the platform may be inappropriate for minors.

a. CREATIVES 'BOARDS platform and associated services are provided without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.
b. This disclaimer of warranties applies to any damages or injury caused by any CREATIVES 'BOARDS platform contents, including without limitation (1) any error, omission, defect or destruction of the contents or (2) any fail, omission, interruption , destruction, defect, delay in transmission, virus, communication failure, theft or unauthorized access, alteration, negligence, defamation or any other identified cause.
c. CREATIVES 'BOARDS does not guarantee that (1) all parts of the platform are free from viruses, Trojan horses or any other element that shows destructive capabilities or (2) the access to the platform will not be interrupted or error free.

a. In no event shall CREATIVES' BOARDS, or its partners, advertisers, affiliates or employees be liable for (1) any damages, in the indirect, special, punitive or incidental forms, or in result of any other damages incurred as a result of misuse of the platform or (2) any assignment of errors, omissions or other destructive features of the platform.
b. The limitation of liability is allowed by law in Portugal.

a. Agrees to comply with all applicable rules and laws regarding the use of an online platform. Especially those referred to the transmission of technical data.
b. Notwithstanding the specific rules contained in this document, agree and accept the Portuguese Republic Law system. You agree that any claim or dispute with CREATIVES' BOARDS, or related partners, should be treated in the district of Porto, Portugal.

All inquiries related to this TERMS AND CONDITIONS document should be sent to If any part of this document, cited above, proves to be invalid or unenforceable, that portion shall be reviewed and reformulated in a consistent manner with applicable law, as close as possible to the original intentions of the implied parts. Nothing in the present document should be amended to grant rights to third parties. The titles of each section, are for convenience purposes only, have no legal or contractual effect. Under this TERMS AND CONDITIONS document it will not be allowed to transfer, assign, license or copy rights and obligations here contained. CREATIVES' BOARDS can transfer, license or sublicense any of the rights or obligations contained in this TERMS AND CONDITIONS document to a successor, partner or third party without notifying or asking permission to this platform administration. If you have any questions about this policy or about the platform in general, please contact by email

These terms and conditions shall be reviewed, whenever it is considered to be appropriate, to protect the interests of all its users.
Welcome to CREATIVES 'BOARDS, a web platform focused on the divulgation of creative professionals, aspiring to boost SMEs.
We hope to ethically and legally meet all requirements not to harm any of the stakeholders.
We believe we are complying with all the rules, at all times. Our lawyers ask your acceptance of this TERMS & CONDITIONS document.